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Pain and Injury Chiropractic offers a wide range of chiropractic services. Our office offers same day appointments. We offer non surgical and non invasive treatment and chiropractic care for automobile accidents, sports injuries, work related injuries, whip lash, pinched nerve, sciatic nerve, headaches, neck pain, back pain.  We offer a Free Consultation.  Located in Hickory Creek off Swisher we serve  Denton (Corinth, Lake Dallas, Little Elm, Oak Point, Sanger, Highland Village).

Auto accident rehab and chiropractic carePlease contact us if you have been in an auto accident, work related accident or sports related injury.  We will work with patients that have been hurt in an accident, and in some cases, we will help arrange for transportation. For your convenience, our office accepts most all insurance as well. We strive to optimize the most out of your auto & health insurance benefits.

Chiropractor –  Car accident Injury

Have you been injured in a car accident?  Our office will provide you with an examination to determine the extent of your injuries.  Receiving medical treatment is vital in the recovery of your injuries.  Have you been or are  experiencing symptoms ranging from Neck, lower back pain, upper back pain, pinched nerve down to your extremities?  You may be experiencing Whiplash, which happens to be the most common injury sustained from a car accident. Whiplash symptoms may not be apparent after an accident or can be missed by the emergency room or your primary care physician.  Seek a second opinion to insure your not at risk for as symptoms can sometimes be hidden.  Chiropractors are trained professionals that deal with Musculoskeletal problems.   Musculoskeletal problems involve your muscles and skeletal portions of your body.  If you have noticed problems with decrease or painful range of motion, painful work activities, pain with daily activities that were not painful prior to the accident should be evaluated.

Our office will assist in the process of your automobile claim.  We will file the paperwork to help you get back on track.  Call our office and we will help you get started.

Sports Injuries

Kids nowadays are much more active compared to the older generations.  They are involved year round in many sports.  Once the season is over they quickly start the offseason training or find other activities to enhance their performance.  Parents may provide or encourage them to sign up with different professionals that may help them develop skills that are necessary for their particular sport.

Parents and kids need to know the benefits of chiropractic.  Chiropractic can help improve overall function even if you are not in pain.  Kids may simply develop some back tightness or stiffness.  These can lead to spinal misalignments in the body that can later trigger a possible injury.

Have your kids evaluated by a chiropractor.  Many professional, college, and high school athletes are doing so to help performance and decrease the soreness that one may experience with working out or training .

Sports injuries are common among many athletes even if you don’t play in contact sports.  Many people can have microtrauma from playing sports.  Microtrauma is simply doing something that is repetitive in nature or can be explained as an over usage issue.  For example many basketball players will start to experience jumpers knee a condition caused by repetitive jumping up and down.  Symptoms can include pain to the patellar region and inflammation.  These issues if not address can lead to tears, strains, and damage to the tendon itself.

Many Athletes will also experience Muscle Spasms and Sprain/Strains to Neck, Back, Shoulder, Knee, Ankle, Hip, and wrist.  Getting these conditions evaluated and treated early in their onset is critical.  The reason it is critical to address these issues early is that it can lead to further injury to the area.  Treatment can help the individual recover faster from the condition and help improve his/her performance on the field.

Chiropractors are helpful in treating these conditions and reducing the symptoms.  Chiropractors focus on the musculoskeletal conditions daily and know the course of treatment that is appropriate to restore your health.

Contact our office for a Consultation!   Our office accepts most major insurances.

Blue Cross Blue Shield, Cigna, Aetna, United Healthcare, PHCS.



Our offices offers:

*Chiropractic Adjustments – Adjustments help to increase joint function and mobility.  Help to restore Range of Motion.

*Rehabilitation – Strengthening exercises, Core exercises, Stretch exercise program.

*Therapeutic Exercises – Help to improve overall function and increase strength and Stability to Weak areas of the body, that may have been deconditioned as a result of injury or just painful.

*Manual Therapy – It is helpful in increasing circulation, breaking up scar tissue, increase mobilization, produce muscle relaxation, and to help decrease swelling.

*Massage Therapy – Helps to relax the body and help increase circulation.  Helps those individuals that are looking decrease stress in their lives and maintain overall health.

*Exam –  The exam will help in determining which areas of body are presently being affected.  Once these areas are identified a treatment plan and diagnosis will be implemented to treat those specific areas.   A Case History will be taken to help the doctor to further understand what is possibly going on with your present condition.



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